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Obama tried to save Trump from a colossal mistake

With every revelation in the Trump-Russia controversy it’s becoming clear that the most important moment in Donald Trump’s transition involved the man he seems to detest the most.

Two days after the election, Barack Obama delivered a face-to-face warning to Trump about the risk of keeping retired Gen. Michael Flynn around. Trump ignored the advice and instead invested maximum trust in Flynn as he made him national security adviser.
Obama’s effort to save Trump and the nation from Flynn is full of painful irony. Remember, Trump is the man who spent years promoting racist conspiracy theories suggesting Obama was foreign-born and thus not legally qualified to be president. Flynn, whom Obama dismissed because of concerns about his leadership, then mocked Obama’s ally, Hillary Clinton, with chants of « lock her up » during the campaign.
Obama could have stayed mum. A lesser man would have savored the knowledge that Trump and Flynn were headed for crisis. Obama did his duty by trying to help his successor.
The judgment Obama showed was typical for a president who, prior to politics, was an expert in constitutional law and understood his responsibilities to fulfill the oath he took to « preserve, protect and defend » it.
In counseling Trump, Obama also acted in the best tradition of commanders in chief who must defend the nation against enemies foreign and domestic. Flynn was a potential threat to US security interests, and after eight years of defending the country Obama wasn’t going to leave this threat unnamed.(cnn)

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