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Who is Kim Jong Un? Separating myth from fact

The little that is known about North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is, for the most part, questionable.

The year of his birth was supposedly changed to be more auspiciously aligned with that of his grandfather Kim Il Sung’s, just as his father’s had before him. He may or may not have three children. He may have an explosive temper, something his former girlfriend reportedly experienced during his school years in Switzerland.
Keen observers have said he’s sick, and suffering from gout. They’ve said he’s isolated and in danger of being overthrown, and that there are assassination plots against him. That he’s weak and spoiled and surrounded by yes-men. It won’t be long, defectors claim, before he’s gone.
There’s no sign, however, of that happening any time soon.
After a prolific year for missile tests, and threats of military action from the US if Pyongyang doesn’t desist, North and South Korea will on Tuesday hold their first talks in almost two years. While the premise is negotiating the North’s participation in the Winter Olympics in South Korea next month, hopes are high they’ll lead to wider talks.
Kim Jong Un has not indicated he’ll stray from his stated ambition of developing the country’s nuclear capabilities.
Since his ascension to the supreme leadership of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, as North Korea is officially known, Kim has wasted little time embracing his grandfather’s dual-track policy of military development alongside economic growth.
He attends military drills and exercises and mans artillery posts (official propaganda declares he is a military genius.) He inspects bases within view of South Korea and adopts a posture of resolute command. At the same time, he has shifted the power base away from the military and back to the ruling Worker’s Party.
He pushes economic development and high-profile construction projects. And he is as focused on nuclear advancement as his forefathers were before him, arguably even more so.
Yet his belligerent stance could have as much to do with facing down domestic rivals skeptical of a young heir apparent and his ability to govern the isolationist state as it has with presenting a veneer of invulnerability and strength.
 South Korea has its own longstanding narrative, portraying the northern regime as weak, isolated and unstable. Government sources have leaked « credible » information that was later proven to be false. For example, in 2015, it was widely reported that Kim executed architect Ma Won Chun because he didn’t like the design of Pyongyang’s new airport. Ma later appeared in state media, seemingly alive and well.
All conclusions over Kim Jong Un’s motives are speculative at best, and preposterously hysterical at worst. (cnn)

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