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Trump and Putin, closer than ever

After President Donald Trump spoke by phone on Sunday from a cabin at Camp David to his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, the press release describing their call featured something unusual: an exclamation point.

The theatric punctuation seemed designed to underscore the cheery tenor of the conversation, during which Putin thanked Trump for the CIA’s help in thwarting a terror plot on St. Petersburg, Russia.
Trump, the White House said, congratulated « the entire intelligence community on a job well done! »
The upbeat description of US-Russia intelligence sharing — ordinarily a subject kept quiet by government officials — underscored the enthusiasm with which Trump is approaching his relationship with Putin, prompting unease among some national security experts.
Amid swirling investigations into possible collusion between his campaign and Russia, Trump remains untroubled about fostering the appearance of close ties between himself and Putin. And unlike past US leaders, whose conversations with the Russians were planned and strategized to avoid falling into traps, Trump engages Putin on matters large and small, sometimes without the participation of his top national security aides.
The bond between the two men is among the most heavily examined diplomatic relationships in the world, the scrutiny fueled by probes being conducted by the special counsel Robert Mueller and members of Congress. Adding to the mix is the upcoming deadline for imposing new congressionally-required sanctions on Russia for its behavior in last year’s election.(cnn)

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