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Trump’s Jerusalem move: Anti-US protests break out after Friday prayers

As Muslims across the globe head to Friday prayers, the status of Jerusalem is likely to loom large in sermons delivered by Imams everywhere from Israel to Indonesia.

Violent protests and international condemnation have followed US President Donald Trump’s decision Wednesday to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and commit to moving the US embassy to the holy city.
Both Palestinians and Israelis claim Jerusalem as their capital.
Some Palestinian factions called for three « days of rage » to protest the decision, which culminates Friday.
The governments of Turkey, Pakistan, Malaysia and Indonesia — a country home to more Muslims than any other in the world — all spoke out against the decision and protests broke out outside the US embassies in Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur after prayers Friday, Islam’s holy day.
Police in Kuala Lumpur said an estimated 5,000 protesters gathered outside the US embassy and dispersed peacefully by 3 p.m. local time.
Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak tweeted: « On this noble day, let us pray together for our brothers in Jerusalem. May Allah unite our hearts and destroy the plans of our enemies. »
It’s unclear what enemies he was referring to — Trump and Najib met at the White House in September and appeared to establish a good rapport.
The Indonesian capital of Jakarta also saw protesters gather near the US embassy. Demonstrators held a banner that said « Trump is enemy of humanity. »
Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) said in a statement the country’s citizens should take part in Friday protests, according to Iran’s official news agency IRNA.
« It is vital that that the Muslim world and all other freedom-seeking nations across the globe thwart this evil plot, » the statement says.
The UN Security Council will discuss Trump’s move on Friday.(FROM CNN)

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